Seriously, Design is all around us. Take a look at your couch or the mobile phone or laptop you're using right now. They're all designed by someone. Even your toddler's doodles on the wall can be considered a design masterpiece. But what is Design exactly?

Design is all about visual elements. Think lines, shapes, forms, spaces, textures, colors, and values. Every element can be used in a wide range of ways, from the smallest detail to the most complex structure. Design is unlimited and unrestricted with its presence in almost everything. So, when we're making designs, we gotta think about a bunch of stuff like the efficiency in terms of functionality, the targeted technology, complex perceptions, personal and social norms. The way we look at a design varies depending on individual perspective and experiences.

Now, imagine you’re handed a poster that has too much text, confusing layout, too colorful, varied font and sizes. This will only overwhelm you and at the end of it, you might just discard that poster with little to no information being registered in your mind. Likewise, think about this, trying to navigate through a website with a cluttered layout and perplexing menu options is one way to get the user outta the page in seconds ! The strategy of creating harmonious designs that serve the purpose without overwhelming the user has more potential in the longer run in this world of constant evolution.

Ultimately, Design is all about creating something that works and looks good. And the best part? There are countless ways to manipulate design elements to create something unique and innovative.

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