Hey there ! minimalism is all the rage these days. Folks are all about that minimalist lifestyle and mindset. But here's the thing, minimalist design goes beyond just being trendy. It's a boss way to design that can help you get your message across

It is more than removing unnecessary elements. Minimalism is the art of creating designs or spaces that are clear, concise, and impactful. Minimalism in itself is a versatile concept as it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it allows you to tailor your design strategy to your specific needs.

Simply put, Minimalism is a lifestyle void of clutter and joy of simplicity. On the digital realm, this can be achieved through the use of negative space, clean lines, and limited colour palettes. Using only the essential elements to create a digital design with functionality at the core not only delivers a visual banger but also a practically accessible design.

Now, this concept is not just for the digital world. Be it a luxury 4 bedroom apartment or a small studio penthouse, any living space loaded with stuff that is of no practical use but just gathers dust is only distracting you from the focus on a better living. Next time you think of revamping your space, keep these 5 things in mind for a minimal stress free life. The 5 Do’s are

- Declutter your belongings (even your favorite things needs to go, if they’re not usable)
- Donate (only the stuff that are in good condition but you need it no more)
- Discard (you heard me ! Throw those unwanted and unloved items into the trash)
- Duck it bin (have a designated bin/box for your daily life where u come across stuff that gives you double thoughts and anything can go in here, while giving u some time to think)
- Don’t impulse buy ! (Hard but effective. Trust me your bank account will thank you)

So, bottom line, Minimalism is a way of understanding your needs better and creating just the right balance for your well being.